About us

The years witness
the development track of SURI NI
1970¡¯s:Talent firstly displayed
1978:QUANZHOU SURI NI PRECISION MOULD LTD. was established. It introduced into mold research and products equipments at the that moment, positively devoted to development and production. The embryonic form of the group gradually grew up and the scale is continuously stronger.

1990¡¯s Fast development

SURI NI group seized the opportunities, considered the situation, devised the strategies carried on the bold innovation of the group¡¯s inner part and began t establish the scientific, information ,specialization management model of mold industry. SURI NI group enrolled the professional research and development persons of mold industry from both here and abroad, continuously inputted the fresh strength for the group, deposited the sufficiently original accumulation.
1996: XIAMEN SURINI PRECISION MOLD LTD. was established.
October 1999: SHANGHAI SURI NI PRECISION MOLD LTD. was established.

In the early 21st century: Look far ahead and aim high
2006:We will recompose the resources, establish the development strategies of the group, compete in the brand jungle of mold industry, become the flagship group of the industry, and continue the strategic extend of the global market...

2009: KUNSHAN SURI NI PRECISION MOLD LTD. was established.


 CEO Address

      1978,the beginning of the reform and opening up,I, who was in maritime South Fukien,facing the overseas products spreading over,thought quietyly, ¡°Why the products MADE IN CHINA always can¡¯t give person the fine,precise and strong feelings after the mankind stepped into the industrialization mass production. 90% industrial and civilian industry products come from the model of mold, and precision molds are the precondition of making fine products. The idea of pursuing super excellence and exceeding the west hit me at that moment . I decide let SURI NI become a well-know brand in the world.¡±

In the last thirty years, SURI NI OROGANIZATION inheriting east wisdom and china sprit,with the satisfactory actual achievements in mold industry,not only proved the strength and vigor of CHINA SURI NI well toward the native persons and the overseas industries, but also won numerous praises while remolding the international image.

¡°A person who don¡¯t want to enjoy the flourishing lunch will become the fish in the dinner plate.¡± The simple law of the industry jungle particularly calls person¡¯s feeling as a personal experience at the nowadays world,which science and technology change with each passing days.So you will find that a troupe of SURI NI crews,who have the sense of responsibility, confidences and talents, dare to make promises and are wiling to devote, are creating you dream according to you needs when you walk into SURI NI. They are all the spokespersons of company. It is the capability that they understand you needs just like understanding their own needs. When the good dream becomes true, I represent the colleague of SURI NI ORGANIZATION sincerely speaking to you, ¡± It is the only secret of our succeed that world events must be carefully and well done. ¡±